North West 200: Alastair Seeley does the double

North West 200: Alastair Seeley does the double

Alastair Seeley stormed to victory twice in one night after two wet races at the opening race day of the North West 200

After taking Supersport pole position in the morning, 26 time-winner and record-holder at the North West 200 Alastair Seeley brought the bike home to win twice in the deteriorating weather conditions.

The first race of the evening was originally cut short due to a red flag. Just half an hour later the Supersport race was resumed however, and after the a shortened lap count, Seeley looked unstoppable as he took the checkered flag.

Seeley took a second victory of the night as he led a dominant display in the Superstock race. Initially he had a fight on his hands with the brilliant Davey Todd, that soon changed however as Todd had to defend against Richard Cooper, allowing Seeley to focus on growing the lead.

The third race of the night, the Supertwin race, was cancelled after organisers deemed the track too unsuitable in bad weather conditions. A move which saw many riders disapointed.

Supersport results:

Position Rider Gap
1 Alastair Seeley (Yamaha) 00:00.000
2 Davey Todd (Honda) + 1.984
3 Jeremy McWilliams (Yamaha) + 5.976
4 Adam McLean (Kawasaki) + 15.399
5 Conor Cummins (Honda) + 24.689
6 Dean Harrison (Kawasaki) + 30.317
7 James Hillier (Yamaha) + 38.801
8 Matthew Rees (Kawasaki) + 41.838

Superstock results:
Position Rider Gap
1 Alastair Seeley (Yamaha)00:00.000
2 Davey Todd (Honda)+ 12.864
3 Richard Cooper (Suzuki)+ 19.868
4 Conor Cummins (Honda)+ 36.428
5 Michael Rutter (BMW)+ 39.428
6 Marty Lennon (Yamaha)+ 1:51.843
7 Carl Phillips (Suzuki)+ 1:59.850
8 Ian Hutchinson (BMW)+ 2:14.184

Image Attribution: Rod Neill

Thursday, May 12, 2022